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Healing crystals, astrology and tarot enter the mainstream

crystal Radiance 2 But she encourages shoppers to trust their body to lead them to the crystal best suited for them. “We often tell people, ‘Don’t read all the little descriptions as the way to find the stone that you want,’ ” Preston says. “Walk around and see which ones are most attractive to your eye. That’s something that’s more subtle, but, ‘Oh, my body is responding to this.’ ” There are a few common stones most crystal enthusiasts keep in their collection. Clear quartz is seen as an amplifier, which is thought to strengthen the vibrations of other stones. Rose quartz is considered helpful for burdens of the heart, including grief. Amethyst is thought to be calming and cleansing, which is why you may see a large amethyst at entrances of crystal shops. Preston says her clientele is broad. She expected younger adults and children to be her primary customers, but she sees people of all ages and genders. One regular customer happens to be a military veteran. “I think it is a natural, human condition for us to reach out to a spiritual realm to find a spiritual life,” Preston says.

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